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Cesar’s 10th Year Anniversary!

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Congratulations to one of AusClean’s right hand men, Cesar!


We had the opportunity to interview Cesar for his 10th year with AusClean. He is originally from Santa Cruz, California and found AusClean through a craigslist ad. Never once stepping foot into Washington, he decided to come up to the beautiful Evergreen State and try it out.

“I met Ross with no commercial cleaning experience. Derek and Ross taught me to always ask questions, investigate and push me to find answers.” Cesar said.

When Cesar started out, he only had experience as a mechanic detailer, which was beneficial for AusClean because he pays attention to precision and detail. It is one of his many strengths in the industry. A great example of this was during a job, he would go into areas and clean where most people would not think of.

Haggens was one of our biggest jobs and it was a great challenge! I like challenges though, I get excited even when I dont know what I will be facing that day.” Cesar said.


We asked our owners Ross and Keith Wigney on their thoughts about Cesar.


“Cesar has a tremendous amount of energy and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. He loves to see the customers faces when they go wow, that is clean!”-Keith 

“He is a good person and that shines through his work. He always has a good attitude and wants to do the best for himself which means he does the best for AusClean. He also takes very good care of his employees, everyone loves working with him and learning.”-Keith

“Cesar always looks you in the eye. Cesar has a can do attitude and get the job done approach to his work and his life.
He has tremendous leadership skills which shows as he successfully completes every project ( Space Needle) by encouraging and inspiring  his crew through his example, to do their very best.”-Ross 
Besides working for AusClean, Cesar loves to hang out with his kids and build projects like go karts! He is currently working on one right now and it will be on the road in no time!


Congratulations Cesar and thank you for all your amazing work you have done for AusClean!