Happy 20th Year Anniversary, Derek!

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We are so happy to say we have had Derek with our company for 20 years!


Derek started with Ausclean back in 1999 and is now a senior project manager for AusClean. We interviewed Derek to find out more about his story.

Derek started off homeless, believe it or not, sleeping in the back of his car when his buddy introduced him to Ross and the AusClean Team back in 1999. Derek was eager to work so Ross started teaching him the basics in commercial cleaning.

“Ross is such an awesome guy. He taught me everything from cleaning windows, waxing floors with machines, final construction and lifts! He even taught me how to talk to superintendents and how to be professional with them. Not a lot of companies offer to teach you important things like that they just expect you to just know. I was 21 years old, I only had some experience in carpet cleaning. I wasn’t planning on working for so long at the time, but I grew to love this company,” Derek said.

One of Derek’s favorite job sites was cleaning the executive suites at the Century Link Field.

“It was cool because the Sounders were in the middle of practice when we were cleaning, it was fun to see! I also love that we get to go to different job sites each week and see different things. It makes it more interesting and keeps us motivated.” Derek said.

We asked Derek what was one piece of advice he would give to future AusClean workers.

“One piece of advice I would give is you can definitely move up in the company if you are dedicated. That is what is great about AusClean. You can start out as a laborer, cleaning windows and working under supervisor and then if you work hard, you become a supervisor! You get your own work van! You get bigger responsibilities and gain value! If you are dedicated, you have a future.” -Derek said.


In his spare time, Derek loves to spend time with his daughter. He loves to take her to baseball games, swimming and they recently went to the circus.

“She is my life, my everything. I love hanging out with her as much as possible. Once you become a parent, your purpose in life is your child.”- Derek said.


Thank you Derek for your dedication, hard work and growth in our company! You are an inspiration to us!